Luxury Boarding

Because you and your dog deserve no less.



Dog bowl hungry is an adorable German Shepherd looking and waiting eagerly for his bowl to be filled with food.
We want to continue your pet’s current feeding regimen to ensure a smooth transition to their stay here. It is best to provide your pets food from home and we ask that you bring it to us in pre-measured meal sized portions. If you prefer to not bring your pets food, we feed a high-quality, GI Sensitive diet at $3.00 per day.

Spacious Runs

French bulldog puppy sleeping on knees
Our spacious, traditional style runs are air conditioned and heated with stainless steel doors. Each run is separated from the other by block walls to give each pet a safe and secure feeling while they are relaxing. We also provide a Kuranda bed so please feel free to bring a blanket for your pet to cuddle up with.

Luxury Suites

the sweetest puppies
Our luxury boarding suites are ideally suited for any guests that prefer a life of luxury. Our suites feature a private, home-like environment complete with a comfortable custom made raised bed, daily housekeeping, and a flat-screen television playing your pet’s favorite dog friendly movies all day.

Multi Dog Discount

Old dog border collie and puppy playing in the summer
We offer discounts for multiple dogs boarding in the same suite/run. We offer a 20% discount on the 2nd and 3rd dog. Dogs boarding in the same suite/run must be able to eat together unsupervised. We reserve the right to limit the number of guests boarding in the same run/suite based on size of pet to ensure all guests are comfortable during their stay.