While you’re at work, your dog can be playing and getting the attention he/she needs (instead of chewing things up or staying in a crate!) Our daycare offers social dogs the opportunity to meet numerous other dogs that are all ready to make friends. Our trained “pack leaders” keep the dogs busy all day, with some down/nap time of course.

Dogs who have had opportunities for developing good social skills normally fit right into play groups. Other dogs that have not had the same social experiences might be a little more uncomfortable or reserved in a play group. Pack leaders will provide an assessment of your dog’s personality for integration into our daycare groups. All dogs that are in daycare have passed a temperament assessment to make sure they are suitable for the group.

bernese mountain dog

Benefits of Daycare

  • A full day of supervised and directed exercise and play with a mid-day break
  • Attention from a caring staff
  • Interaction with other dogs to build positive social behaviors and increase social skills
  • Increased confidence and agility
  • Play between dogs is a natural healthy form of stress relief
  • Throughout the day good behavior and manners are promoted
  • Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy while you are at work

10 week old brown Labradoodle Mini Puppy dog


1 Day – $25

Our daycare program is currently full. Please place your call to be added to our wait list.

Daycare Requirements

Dogs over 1 year of age must be spayed/neutered to participate in daycare.